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Hope, it's a weapon

A mother's fear...a mother's despair can be a heavy burden. Today a mother's fear was destroyed by hope. Hope brought light to her eyes where there were tears. Her two-year-old son was weak from surgery performed a month ago. Limp in her arms from malnutrition. He needed help and she was desperate. The mother's spirit was just as weak as her child was physically. She walked from her remote community over hills, through riverbeds and along a dirt road to find help. Her two-year-old was one of five children. She walked to her Pastor. She did not know what he could do but if she could only get to him then maybe...just maybe there would be help...there would be hope. She walked to Pastor Yasari in Abejonal and he walked her to us. We went to the church providing food to the community. We asked her to wait until we were done because we had a list of families that we helped each month and they had also walked a long way.

We did not know she would be there but God did and He provided. We had a full packet of food left over and an extra can of pedisure milk. The miracle that day was the change in her eyes. There was a light shining through. She had HOPE. For us it's not about handing out food. It's about being there month after month and sharing the hope we have in Jesus with others. The word of God is very clear. He asks us to be the light in the world. He asks us to be the love in the world. Sometimes that looks like a simple bag of food at just the right time. Thank you Waves of Love family for all that you do. Today you provided Hope to mother and a full belly to her children.

Have you every been there? Have you been without hope? I think we all have. God hears your sorrows and sees your tears. God is the hope you are looking for in this difficult, beautiful world.

Isaiah 12:2 NLT

See, God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid. The Lord God is my strength and my song, he has given me victory.

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