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School Supplies and English Classes

Abejonal School and Zapote School are two rural schools in great need of support. There are 67 students in Abejonal and 42 in Zapote. Many students travel miles to school. During this time in Nicaragua many families are without work...up to 80% in our area.  School supplies are not first on their priority list when they need to concentrate on feeding their families.


Mission teams bring school supplies down when they come but cash donations are ALWAYS needed so that supplies can be bought locally. This also helps improve the economy.  


In Nicaragua students are required to wear school uniforms. The average cost for a uniform is $40.00 and many families cannot afford this cost.Education is key to an improved future for these children and their families. 

Where does YOUR money go? School supplies, uniforms, bicycles, picture books, teacher supplies...the decision is YOURS because our school supply donations are designated funds and are used exclusively for the schools! Please donate today to help our local schools! Click on the donate button and in the message area designate where you want YOUR funds to go. It's amazing to have partners like you who donate bicycles, school supplies and uniforms to the children.

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