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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Paula Lindsey

When I go back to the states people often say, "Thank you for your sacrifice." When I hear that I feel like a fraud. Sacrifice, what sacrifice? For me; living, working and being in Nicaragua is not a sacrifice. This is my home. I don't know how it happened or when the shift occurred but the power outages, the random hatching of bugs, the heat, the rain, the dry season with massive winds and dust...it's simply a part of my life. (Not to mention that I cannot fix my hair in this climate!) I've become accustomed and I find beauty in every circumstance. I have the best boss in the world, my Lord and Savior!

If I had to name a sacrifice it would be the proximity of my family. I do miss them... so I will head back to the states solo (no Micheal this trip). I need to hold my daughter and hug my parents. A week should do it and I will be ready to return. Michael and I have had times where were apart for two months. We promised NEVER again. We are stronger together and more of what God calls us to be when we are side-by-side. But that's another blog altogether.

Back to my upcoming trip. It's really interesting when I step off the plane into a first world country. Everyone is so busy, there is so much noise, and so much movement. My senses are overwhelmed. I just want to say, "Calm down. Stop running towards or away from (insert whatever it might be________) and just be still for a moment." But of course I don't.

Traffic Jam Nica Style

Time is slower in Nica. It's hard to explain unless you have spent time in a rural region where the closest thing to a traffic jam is cattle meandering down the dirt road. When we have a meeting at 9 am people start arriving at 9:20 or 9:45. It's "Nica Time."

Tomorrow I will be state side, loving on my family and enjoying the convenience of grocery stores, gas stations and ATM's on every corner. Oh, did I forget to mention hot water? I will shower with hot water! Next week I will be heading home to Nicaragua anticipating the wall of heat that greets me as I step out of the airport and into the arms of my love.

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