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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Paula Lindsey

When I go back to the states people often say, "Thank you for your sacrifice." When I hear that I feel like a fraud. Sacrifice, what sacrifice? For me; living, working and being in Nicaragua is not a sacrifice. This is my home. I don't know how it happened or when the shift occurred but the power outages, the random hatching of bugs, the heat, the rain, the dry season with massive winds and's simply a part of my life. (Not to mention that I cannot fix my hair in this climate!) I've become accustomed and I find beauty in every circumstance. I have the best boss in the world, my Lord and Savior!

If I had to name a sacrifice it would be the proximity of my family. I do miss them... so I will head back to the states solo (no Micheal this trip). I need to hold my daughter and hug my parents. A week should do it and I will be ready to return. Michael and I have had times where were apart for two months. We promised NEVER again. We are stronger together and more of what God calls us to be when we are side-by-side. But that's another blog altogether.

Back to my upcoming trip. It's really interesting when I step off the plane into a first world country. Everyone is so busy, there is so much noise, and so much movement. My senses are overwhelmed. I just want to say, "Calm down. Stop running towards or away from (insert whatever it might be________) and just be still for a moment." But of course I don't.

Traffic Jam Nica Style

Time is slower in Nica. It's hard to explain unless you have spent time in a rural region where the closest thing to a traffic jam is cattle meandering down the dirt road. When we have a meeting at 9 am people start arriving at 9:20 or 9:45. It's "Nica Time."

Tomorrow I will be state side, loving on my family and enjoying the convenience of grocery stores, gas stations and ATM's on every corner. Oh, did I forget to mention hot water? I will shower with hot water! Next week I will be heading home to Nicaragua anticipating the wall of heat that greets me as I step out of the airport and into the arms of my love.

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